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10 Apr

Fraser Island’s diverse and pristine sandscapes make it a paradise for photographers and videographers the world over.  This pristine, great sandy isle captured the attention of David Trood, a photographer who divides his time between Australia and Denmark and who visited our shores recently.  

David has been involved in creative photography for more than thirty plus years, which he says has given him an eye for creating intriguing short stories in video.  

Here’s David’s story… and Fraser Island, as seen through his lens.


Being a photographer, I love to hear stories and this one about Fraser Island is simple, strong, and so interesting that I want to tell it again.  I was on Fraser Island earllier this year on holiday and was down on the beach early the first morning to get a few shots of the 4×4 in the sunrise.

While the sun was coming up over the waves, I met one of the locals who told me a story – a really really old story, but for me…the tourist…it was new.

The Island is called ‘K’gari’ pronounced Gar – re, and was given to it hundreds of lifetimes ago by the Butchulla people, the local indigenous people to the island. The word means PARADISE.

Fraser Island sunrise

David Trood discovers a patch of paradise in Queensland

After hearing the story about this place they call paradise, the island started to look different to me, and I began to see why it was given that name in the first place.

Now I wonder why it was even changed or taken away.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousands words, to this short video is the story about a magical place in Australia called K´gari.

You can also catch David and see more gorgeous photos on his Facebook page.  This content has been reproduced with David’s permission.

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