Fraser Island Any Time Of The Year

31 May

One of Australia’s most recognised rugby union players, Chris Latham, is tackling a new role as the ambassador and official face of Fraser Coast tourism.  

His service to the Queensland Reds from 1998 to 2008 has cemented him as one of Queensland and Australia’s great sporting icons… and he’s capitalising on his profile by lifting awareness of our gorgeous region by blogging about it… it’s called Fraser Coasting with Chris Latham… and here’s a sneak preview!

Chris Latham as snapped by The Age

Chris Latham as snapped by The Age

Chris recently brought his family across to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island for a little R&R… here’s his story…

It is a jewel in our crown and one of my favourite places in the world to be. Fraser Island is a playground on our doorstep that needs to be treated with respect, but nonetheless it also needs to be enjoyed whenever the opportunity arises.

I think any time of year is a good time to get across to the island, and with the warm weather we’ve been having pre-winter, the current clear crisp days are perfect to be on Fraser. I took the family across last week and as always the diversity on offer on Fraser Island is something to behold.

We stayed in the villas of Kingfisher Bay Resort – they’re beautifully appointed and the perfect launch pad whether you’re new to Fraser, or a local who knows their way about.

The sand at the moment is great for the 4WD so it was good the get behind the wheel and across to both the beaches and lakes.

Fraser tip: Check out the Fraser Island Condition Report before heading off on your island adventure.

Kingfisher Bay Resort's jetty is perfect for fishing

Kingfisher Bay Resort’s jetty is perfect for fishing

One thing I hadn’t done previously on Fraser was get out for a paddle board on Lake McKenzie. I would really recommend this with the unbelievable surrounds, and the relaxing undertaking of paddle boarding complementing each other perfectly.

A weekend spent with my family on Fraser Island is getting close to the ultimate for me. The only real thing I could hope to throw in would be to wet a line and see if the fish were biting. Lucky for us the resort had advised there were a few barramundi about, so we got down for an afternoon fish and topped off a great day.

Fraser Island is on our doorstep and easy to take for granted. I encourage you all to remember the diversity of both the Island as well as our whole region. The Fraser Coast really is a region to live life as it should be lived. Until next week I’ll leave you with a few photos…



Thanks to Latho and the team from the Fraser Coast Regional Council for allowing us to reproduce this content.

You can also catch Latho on Facebook.  And if you’ve been on Fraser Island and want to share your photos with us, simply check out our resort’s Instagram account and don’t forget to tag with #fraserisland and #kingfisherbayresort.

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