Photographer Mike Larder Unearths Fraser Island’s Hidden Secrets

22 Sep
Lake McKenzie in spring
Lake McKenzie in spring

Hot on the heels of his daughter, Luka, snapper Mike Larder shows us ‘Fraser Island in spring time’ through his lens and the results are nothing short of spectacular.  September 2011

FRASER ISLAND lay moodily enshrouded in the early morning mist like some silent slumbering giant enveloped in a shadowy grey doona of cloud. The rising suns rays split through the low lying cloud and mizzleing rain creating angelic patterns of translucent light that splayed across the mirror calm of the Great Sandy Strait.

Kingfisher Bay Resort’s shiny blue vehicular barge nudged lightly upon the shores of Fraser Island’s Kingfisher Bay Resort so gently as to not feel the bump. I expected a Normandy beaches style assault but we disembarked along the jetty in silence and were enveloped immediately by a heady fragrance of Wide Bay Boronia and lemon-scented tea tree.

Fraser Island's stunning western side
Fraser Island’s stunning western side

World Heritage protected Fraser Island appeared to be hiding from us, keeping her secrets until the last tantalising moment….

…If you are a Star Trek fan you might imagine that the futuristically designed Kingfisher Bay eco resort on fabulous Fraser Island-Queensland and the world’s largest sand island bears a striking resemblance to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

The resort – that pioneered eco friendly resorts in Australia-sits lightly apon the Earth. It is essentially a huge pole house that squats atop a wetland. Staying there ensures you get very close to nature. Beam me up there Scotty.

Words and images are copyright.   To see Mike’s amazing images visit:

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