Luka Larder Discovers Fraser On A Family Holiday

31 Aug

Luka Larder and her family take time out from their hectic lives for a little family R&R on Fraser Island – Here’s Fraser through Luka’s eyes – 01 September 2011.

Day 1: Watching the oceans gentle giants roll around close enough to the boat that you feel like you could reach out and tickle their bellies!

Up Up and Almost Away...

Up Up and Almost Away...

Day 2: Being convinced by Troy (Fraser’s number one pilot, not much older then myself) to go flying over beautiful Fraser in his plane and getting the birds eye view of everything Fraser offers!

Then, visiting the Maheno ship wreck and trying to imagine it in it’s prime.

Day 3: Venturing through the lush forest along awesome 4WD tracks to visit Lake McKenzie and fall in-love with the many blues, greens and whites of the water, sand, and surrounding flora! The sand also doubled as the best jewellery cleaner I’ve ever encountered. My rings are sparkling!

Tomorrow, after a satisfying all you can eat buffet breakfast at the Maheno Restaurant, I think I will go on the resort’s early morning bird tour… and after that… who knows!

Relax by one of their heated pools or go for a walk along a bush board walk.  Endless possibilities!

Back again….

Day 4: Today I decided to have a sleep in before my much anticipated buffet breakfast at the Maheno Restaurant. Then I lazed by the pool in the bright sun before going for a board walk that took me to the beach and the winding jetty.

Fraser Island Central Station Bush Dunny

Fraser Island Central Station Bush Dunny

Then I found my Dad, photographer extraordinaire Mike Larder, and helped him take photos of Kingfisher Bay Resort’s Executive Chef, Chris Rutherford’s, most exciting culinary creations from Seabelle restaurant!

It was decided that the beautiful natural surrounding would act as the backdrop for the cuisine and with the help of Bianca Rossetto, we pulled off some fantastic shots!

We did come into contact with some ants (I’ll leave it up to everyone’s imagination, but lets just say I’m having a fun time sitting down as I write this!), some sinking sand AND a couple of cheeky Ravens who decided it would be hilarious to bomb Bianca and Dad with their ‘droppings’ from a great height!

All part of the photo taking experience I’m sure!

After this we visited the Sand Bar Restaurant yet again for a lovely fresh meal. Look for my little sister’s photos posted on Kingfisher Bay Resort’s Facebook page soon for further documentation of our exciting time here!

I’ve got to go, I’m being called over to the pool’s spa and there is a Pina Colada with my name on it!

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