The Art of Architecture with Ralph Bailey

27 Aug

Joint Founder of Guymer Bailey Architects, and acclaimed author, Ralph Bailey presented a series of special lectures on the principles of the resort’s design including energy efficiencies, design and aesthetics at Kingfisher Bay Resort – 27 August 2011.

Architecture has been described in many ways, even as “sculpture to live in” or by some people as “frozen music”.  Others may see architecture as a “form of art” while others see it purely as forms arising from the function it fulfils.

Kingfisher Bay Resort's famous Centre Complex

Kingfisher Bay Resort's famous Centre Complex

In fact the architect Mies Van der Rohe wrote “Form follows function” in relation to his buildings.

No matter what your definition of architecture may be, truly great architecture comprises some or all of the above concepts but it should rise above the fashion of the day and ideally be timeless and fit for its purpose and place.

In a series of special guest lectures at the resort I examined the premise of what is good architecture and talked about the design history of Kingfisher Bay Resort and other examples by Guymer Bailey Architects and other Australian architects.

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