The gang from Brisbane’s Radio 97.3FM enjoy time out on Fraser!

11 Aug

97.3FM’s Brekkie Announcer Terry and some lucky listeners won a trip to Hervey Bay to see the Humpback whales and ‘time out’ on Fraser Island with thanks to Tourism Queensland, Fraser Coast Tourism and Kingfisher Bay Resort. Here’s Terry blogging about their amazing adventures last week. August 2011.

At eight o’clock we all boarded the “Fraser Venture” barge to take us across to Fraser Island. It was on this barge
we met “Buttercup” – the barge’s ginger cat, kept on the barge to ensure pigeons didn’t make a mess of things. But
Buttercup was a favourite of all the passengers, and perhaps was a little bit spoilt.

All aboard the Fraser Venture for a great day out!

All aboard the Fraser Venture for a great day out!

When we arrived on the island we were met by a bus from Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Our tour guide and bus driver from Kingfisher Bay resort was Chris. Before his 7 1/2 years as a tour guide on Fraser
Island Chris assures us he was a professional snake catcher and handler. One promise we were all glad wasn’t kept was that
if he found any snakes on the road he would be sure to bring it onto the bus.

From the jetty we were taken to Central Station – so called because of all the rail lines that passed through it during the
time of logging on Fraser Island. In fact, it was only in 1991 that logging stopped on Fraser Island, and in 1992 that it
was declared World Heritage.

The history and science of Fraser Island is simply fascinating. We all know that Fraser Island is the largest sand island in
the world – but it is also the largest island in Queensland, and the sixth largest in Australia.

One of the most beautiful parts of the island is Invisible Creek (or Whispering Creek) – so called because the water is so
clear that it is impossible to see. At first your think you see some white, white sand. It is only be look and listening
very, very hard that you can tell that the most pure water is flowing silently down the creek bed.

The water is so pure we all decided to have a drink – and unanimously agreed it was some of the tastiest water we had ever had.
It is rainwater that was been purified by the sand over the last 150 years.

Wangoolba Creek is beautiful in the winter

Wanggoolba Creek is beautiful in the winter

Lake McKenzie is one of the largest lakes on the island. There are over 120 lakes on Fraser Island, of which only about thirty
are accessible.  The water sits about 72 metres above sea level, and is purely the result of rainfall. It is this, and the fact
that the water is slightly acidic, that makes it the cleanest, bluest water you will probably ever swim in.

The kids we brought along had a great time swimming in the water. Despite the fact it was August – the sun was out, and the
water was beautiful.

We ended the day with a very tasty lunch at the Sand Bar, located at Kingfisher Bay Resort – just near the jetty. Terry had the
Nachos while this intrepid reporter had the Chicken Parmigiana. We can both report that the meals at the Sand Bar are delicious
and well-priced.

Check out Terry’s Blog on the official 97.3FM website.  It’s complete with pics of their great day out:

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